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  • [How to Pay] New Payment Methods - BTC, ETH, & LTC now accepted!

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    New Payment Methods - BTC, ETH, & LTC now accepted!


    In order to keep your payments safe, secure, and anonymous, we are now accepting BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), & LTC (Litecoin) as payments!

    These will be our only payment options at the start. Though, we do have plans to bring in Currency Converters, at a later date, that will accept PayPal, Alipay, and many others.


    How to Pay using BTC, ETH, & LTC -

    These payments are immediately available, and are visible at checkout.

    Follow these simple steps to get there:

    1. Select a product from our Store, once Verified - https://trueye.io/store/

    2. Add the selected product to your cart using - image.png.13615dad83b44da17fbcde9451105bc6.png - on the Product Page.

    3. If you are ready to purchase, continue & review your cart using - image.png.cb4d811b704a54f0d3aa5e9c169e9264.png  - on the menu that pops up after step 2.

    4. Once you've reviewed that your cart has the correct product wanted, continue with the following - image.png.68e9deea787e7fe88e56ca1f0399b541.png - to make your payment.

    5. On this page, verify your email is correct next to image.png.6980545f880ea543ad0dac4d016f76ea.png & review your Order on the right-hand side.


    "Renewals per month" does not mean you will be automatically charged next month. This is just the price of the second month and onward, as our first month is more expensive than the months after. Any renewals will require you to manually purchase the product again. This can change in the future, so please do double check what you are purchasing.


    6. Once all has been reviewed and confirmed correct, checkmark the box next to "I agree to the terms & conditions" (click terms & conditions to read) and click "Place Order And Pay" -



    7. You will now be presented with the following menu in which you can choose to pay with either Coinbase (if you have a Coinbase account; quickest payment method), or select a cryptocurrency you hold in another wallet to pay using.



    8. After payment, please check the email used at checkout for an automated message from us on your payment's status.

    It will look like the following:

    Email Title:

    Email Contents:

    Payments made through Cryptocurrencies need to be Verified on the Blockchain.

    This is done by Miners verifying your payments, and can take 10 minutes on average and longer. We have 0 control on this, and you just have to wait it out.


    9. Once your payment has been Verified on the Blockchain, you will receive another automated Email from us stating that your payment has been received, and your purchase is now complete!

    It will look like the following:

    Email Title:

    Email Contents:


    10. Congratulations! You have now successfully purchased a TruEye product!

    Download our Launcher to get started with your purchased cheat - https://trueye.io/files/


    Unaware of what cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, & LTC are?

    1. You can learn more about cryptocurrencies here - https://www.coinbase.com/learn/crypto-basics/what-is-cryptocurrency
    2. You can learn how to purchase cryptocurrencies here - https://www.coinbase.com/learn/crypto-basics/what-is-cryptocurrency#how-to-buy-crypto
    3. A great and easy to use platform to store and purchase your cryptocurrencies - https://www.coinbase.com/ - (varies based on country; you may have to do your own research into Trusted Wallets for your country)

    Please understand that registering on a large majority of platforms will require you to validate your identity.

    Coinbase is a legitimate company with a long reputable history. Your information is safe with them.


    We hope we've been able to provide you with all the information you require!

    If something is still unclear, be sure to contact us over Discord, once you've been verified.

    Can't wait to see you using our products!
    - TruEye Staff



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