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  • [Pre-Sale FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers/Solutions

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    Welcome to TruEye! Thank you for taking an interest in our Products!

    The following FAQ should answer any and all questions/issues you may be presented with.
    If there is something missing, feel free to create a Support Ticket in our Discord, access limited to Verified members, or create a Thread in our "Pre-Sales Questions" forum - Create Pre-Sales Question



    Frequently asked questions behind our Verification Process


    1. Why must we Verify ourselves?

    Due to the nature of our Business, we require all users to Verify themselves in order to protect our products and users.
    - Verification allows us to keep away Employees of BE/EAC/other Anticheats/Game Providers/Companies, Leakers, scammers, etc. which can all present risks to our Business or our users.
    - We will not be making any exceptions for any users, no matter how good their vouches/reputation are. Proof of Identity will have to be provided somehow.

    2. Who sees our Application?

    The only users to see your Application will be either @Dad or @TTT.
    - No one else will have access to view your Application, or ever will see any information provided inside.
    - All data is securely stored on our Server, and expunged afterwards.

    3. How long does it take for my Application to be Reviewed & Approved/Denied?

    Applications are usually handled within a couple of hours, but can take up to 48 hours; all depending on amount of Applications received.
    - Do NOT resubmit your Application. Each time you do so, your Application will be moved to the back of the line, causing it to take much longer to review.
    - Only resubmit your Application if you've made an error, or would like to add more information.

    4. Will I be notified when the Final Verdict is made on my Application?

    Yes. Be on the look-out for a Notification here on our Forums, from either @Dad or @TTT.
    - Once submitted, you may also check your Application's status here - CLICK TO CHECK APPLICATION STATUS

    5. What happens after I've been Approved & receive my Verified Role?

    Once approved, you will gain access to the rest of our Forums, including all Cheats we offer to Verified Users!

    6. Does Age matter?

    We don't care what age you are, as long as you handle yourself maturely. This means, being kind & courteous to all users/staff.

    Not verified yet? Apply today & gain access to all Cheats we provide to Verified users! - CLICK HERE TO APPLY



    Frequently asked questions behind our Cheats, Ease of Use, Discounts, and more


    1. How safe are TruEye's Cheats?

    Security is our top priority. You will notice that our Cheats don't have countless features like other providers, which keeps what can be detected to an absolute minimum.

    While we cannot predict the future, you have our word that we will do everything in our power to keep all Cheats UD for long periods of time. Our Developer, @TTT, has a great track record when it comes to staying Undetected with his Cheats. A simple Google search with his name is all it takes to see his past threads/reviews/vouches.

    2. I'm a complete noob when it comes to Cheats! How easy is it to use your Cheats?

    Our cheats are built to be incredibly lightweight & easy to use. Even the most noobiest of noobs can use our Cheats without issue.
    - All of our Cheats have guides that have been thoroughly planned out in order to make the entire process as easy as possible.
    - If the Guides aren't enough, our Staff is incredibly Kind & Helpful. They will guide you through the entire process until you are in the Game & Dominating!

    3. Do you offer any Trials or Lifetime Subscriptions?

    Due to the nature of our Business, Trials would present many risks to our Cheats & potentially our Users. Because of this, we are unable to provide any Trials at this point in time.
    Lifetime Subscriptions won't be provided either, as we have no idea what will occur in the future. Going month by month is the best way.

    4. Do you offer any Discount codes?

    Unless specified, we will not be offering Discount codes on any of our Products. Please do not ask for any, as your request will be ignored.
    We will be offering Discounts from time to time, mostly around the major Holidays. Don't miss out, as we won't extend the Discount dates.

    5. What occurs when there is a Detection, or any Downtime due to an update?

    We believe you should get your money's worth. Any downtime longer than a day will result in all time lost being replaced without question.
    - Long downtimes are rare here, and you can expect most products to be updated the same day, and usually within a few hours after the update.

    If a Detection is to occur, we will immediately get to the bottom of it and fix it. Once the product has been tested thoroughly without issue, we will replace all time that has been lost.
    - If we can't, which hasn't occurred once in our years of selling, we will replace your License with another game we offer.

    We will do our best so that we never get to the point that any of this has to be done. Our hopes are to provide long term UD cheats as we have with our other private products.



    Frequently asked questions behind our Payment Processing & such


    1. Which payments do you accept?

    As of now, we are only accepting Crypto Currencies due to the nature of our Business.
    - We have plans on accepting other payments through currency converters (who will accept PayPal and others), but this will only occur a month or so after our launch.

    2. I'm completely new to Crypto Currencies. How do I start?

    No worries! There isn't a better time to start with Crypto Currencies than now.
    - We currently use Coinbase as our Payment Gateway, and have been using them for a long while now.
    - While it may look difficult to start with, you can get started with Coinbase today by following their incredibly easy to follow guides - Getting Started with CoinBase
    - Even Coinbase verifies users, so there may be a small window that you must wait for Approval before you can purchase our Cheats.

    3. Do I have to be Verified to purchase Cheats from TruEye?

    Yes. There are no exceptions. Any user looking to purchase Cheats from us must pass the Verification process mentioned above.

    4. Do you have other Payment Methods?

    Due to the nature of our Business, we will not be supporting any other payments other than Cryptos ourselves.

    Though, in the near future, we plan to bring in Currency Converters that will exchange your PayPal/AliPay/many others into Store Credit here.

    5. What are Currency Converters?

    These users will be highly respected and trusted individuals, with a plethora of reviews/vouches on their services, who will exchange various Payment Methods we do not support ourselves in return for Gift Cards/Store Credit here.

    We plan to bring these users in after about a month, or so, of operation. Once these users are brought in, we will create an announcement to alert everyone.

    6. What is Store Credit/Gift Cards?

    Store Credit is bought through Gift Cards on our site - https://trueye.io/store/gift-cards/

    This will be mainly used by Currency Converters in the future. They will be able to send you Gift Cards in exchange for other Payment Methods we don't support, which you can then redeem here - https://trueye.io/store/redeem/

    This credit can then be used to purchase any of our products, and all purchases done through Store Credit are instantly purchased and activated.

    7. Can I purchase Gift Cards myself?

    Yes. Gift Cards are purchasable by all users. You can skip the wait time of Crypto Currencies and instantly activate/resubscribe.

    8. Why is there a difference between the time it takes to purchase a product using Cryptos vs Store Credit?

    Cryptocurrencies can have long wait times due to the fact that all payments must be verified on the blockchain.

    You can learn more here - https://www.bitcoin.com/get-started/how-bitcoin-transactions-work/

    If you wish to skip these wait times, you are always welcome to purchase Gift Cards & obtain Store Credit, which is instant.


    Has your question gone unanswered?

    Feel free to create a new Thread in the following forum - Create Pre-Sales Question

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