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  • Welcome to TruEye!
  • We provide Vision-based Private Cheats for Apex, R6S, EFT + a High-End User Experience for all of our products!
  • We strive to please, so expect nothing less with TruEye!
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    2. I don't care which cheat it is, but no cheat is recommended on an account with value. If it has value to you: don't cheat on it/sell it. We are currently a month UD. Before that we were barely off a year UD. We are aiming for 1 year+ this time.
    3. My account is very very valuable and I would not like to be detected any time soon. Thousands spent, but ecycler isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s not streamable and it lags me. Let me know when the last detection was truthfully, and I will think about buying.
    4. I was interested in r6s product but I couldn't find any info. Is r6s still in sale or not?
    5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open for Sale - Escape From Tarkov are now open again! Have you been awaiting our Escape From Tarkov product to open back up again? Well, today is the day. Feel free to purchase back in because slots are open again! (Click the Product to be redirected to it's Store Page) Act quick because slots may close soon! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    6. All our products are visual only. There is no Aim, Trigger, or Spoofer functions provided. We provide Player & Item ESP. When you ADS (zoom in) it removes all item esp and shows you only Players to make fighting easy. There are other quality of life updates, like when you have a gun equipped it will show ammo/attachments only for that (keeps track of your upgrades too). The following images show the examples you can have, but it's highly customizable to show only what you care to see. PLAYER VISUALS ITEM VISUALS
    7. It has those functions I'm more concerned about features like triggerbot Is automatic aiming reasonable enough?
    8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open for Sale - Rainbow Six Siege slots are now open again! Have you been awaiting our Rainbow Six Siege product to open back up again? Well, today is the day. Feel free to purchase back in because slots are open again! (Click the Product to be redirected to it's Store Page) Escape From Tarkov slots will open up again shortly. 2 - 3 weeks more before the next ones are available! -----------------------------------------------------------
    9. We don't have any chams, no. For players, we provide Box, Head Circle, Name, & Distance esp.
    10. i mean i want to use with ahk color triggerbot
    11. All support is done through our Discord server, which is subscriber/verified members only. What do you require assistance with? You are more than welcome to direct message me here.


      Hey noname is it fine if you accept my discord I would like to talk to you about the product and the price on how I will be buying it
    13. The only chance you'll have to use a Sore01 product is through us. Private order of TruEye 😛
    14. Does Sore01 do any private orders?
    15. Apex is 213 days undetected now. In testing since 08/10/2021. Official release on EPVPers/others on 10/30/2021. Our Head Developer, Sore01, has been UD in Apex Legends since a month after the game's official release, if that says anything else.
    16. r33hab


      Alright, looking forward to it
    17. NoNaMe


      Moment Sore finalizes which product we will remain with. Testing different types currently. DMA? Radar? 2PC? Remain the same? We will see where we end.
    18. r33hab


      When will be open for testing or purchase?
    19. NoNaMe


      Apologies. Thought I already approved you. Welcome to TruEye!
    20. messiah


      Hello, I was wondering when a decision for my application would be made. It has been 5 days.
    21. I misunderstood what you meant prior then apologizes!
    22. If our Discord gets closed again, maybe. Until then, no point.
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